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Such bloody awful poetry – the words of The Smiths

Number 4 in our series of blogs on the best ideas The Smiths had, the ones that changed pop and people’s lives forever. In the first blog, we argued that the band’s best idea of all was breaking up and … Continue reading

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US Elections: The Greatest Story A Spreadsheet Ever Told

My mum caught me. “I don’t know why you watch this crap every year,” she muttered as she wandered into the kitchen during an ad break to Taggart, which was on in the front room. I nodded, not in agreement … Continue reading

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Lance Armstrong – Sport’s Number 1 Villain (Picture This #24)

This weekend we have applauded the heroism and bravery of Orlando Cruz, who won his big fight last night. However, Pop Lifer strives for balance. And sneaking up behind every hero is, of course, a villain……. Before the Olympics, Pop … Continue reading

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Orlando Cruz wins his first big fight since coming out (Picture This #23)

At 4am UK time we watched Orlando Cruz win his first big boxing match since he bravely came out as gay. It was a dominant victory over 12 rounds, and a unanimous decision by the judges. His next fight could … Continue reading

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Orlando Cruz and the big fight for a better future

As long time Pop Lifer readers will know, this blog was first set up in July of this year because we wanted a place to express our admiration for Frank Ocean, the wildly talented singer who had just revealed his … Continue reading

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Ideology Bites – How Obama vs Romney is actually Martin Sheen vs Jimmy Stewart

Contrary to popular belief, this years’s US Presidential Election is not between President Obama and Mitt Romney. No, it is actually between Jimmy Stewart and Martin Sheen. Here’s why. Its Obama vs Romney. Should you choose, your next month could … Continue reading

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