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Only connect – Frank Ocean brings hope to the Brixton Academy (review)

  There’s a moment tonight which may be the most hopeful, beautiful thing I’ve seen in 20 years of gig-going at the Brixton Academy. Frank Ocean stands on the stage, almost nakedly vulnerable in a fierce red spotlight, singing the heartbroken words … Continue reading

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The songs that made you cry: The Smiths and the art of the b-side

This is the second in our series of blogs on the best ideas The Smiths had, the ones that changed pop and people’s lives forever. In the first blog, we argued that the band’s best idea of all was breaking … Continue reading

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On the 25th anniversary of “Strangeways, Here We Come”, why The Smiths’ light has never gone out

This is the first in a series of blogs we will be running over the next couple of weeks exploring the extraordinary legacy of The Smiths, 25 years to the day after their swanswong, “Strangeways, Here We Come”, was released. … Continue reading

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“Blink”, Dr Who’s perfect film in 50 minutes flat – and our first Lupe Fiasco Award Nominee

The first in a series where Pop Lifer tests music, film, television etc by the rules laid down in Lupe Fiasco’s “Superstar”: “Did you improve on the design?/Did you do something new?”. If the answer is yes to either of … Continue reading

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The 2012 Olympic Closing Ceremony – how to burst a bubble

Pop Lifer is on record as loving the left field opening ceremony in all its energy and eccentricity, particularly enjoying the moments when it celebrated British pop. The games themselves were just as thrilling, leaving us with indelible personal memories and images … Continue reading

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Picture This #11 – Team GB, Men’s Gymnastics, Bronze Winners

More multi-cultural crap, eh, Aidan Burley? Neil

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