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“It was 20 years ago today” – my life as a teenage Suedehead

20 years ago today, Suede released their third single, “Animal Nitrate”. A grimy paean to violent gay sex, it became the band’s first top ten hit, thanks to a chorus so big it could swallow continents. For the band’s growing … Continue reading

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Charlie Brooker’s Tweet & Tender Heart: Black Mirror’s “Back To Me”

Charlie Brooker does angry; Charlie Brooker does gruff; Charlie Brooker gives good analogy (‘getting off with Victoria Beckham would be like having sex with a deck chair’). Charlie Brooker can sneer (the great and often overlooked “Nathan Barley” rarely breaks … Continue reading

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Frankmusik is back on the Map – review of “Far From Over” EP (with bonus ramblings on the state of modern pop)

Anyone who read this blog at the end of 2012 may have noticed that we ended the year gripped by two obsessive pop ideas. The first was that “Scream And Shout”, the atrocity duet between and Britney Spears, was … Continue reading

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Groundhog Day: Our fourth nominee for The Lupe Fiasco Award for services to pop culture

The fourth in a series where Pop Lifer tests music, film, television etc by the rules laid down in Lupe Fiasco’s “Superstar”: “Did you improve on the design?/Did you do something new?”. If the answer is yes to either of … Continue reading

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