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Ferris, Withnail and two very different days off

The Bromance might be a recent – and hideous – term but it’s been with us long before Matt Damon and Ben Affleck launched their love upon the world in “Good Will Hunting” or Judd Apatow began forging a career out of the … Continue reading

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Eric Cantona – the man who turned Gazza’s tears into gold (Picture This #26)

Two significant things happened at Italia 90 that would change English, and – arguably – world football into the cultural monolith that it has become today. The first was that it was boring. 0-0 draws clogged the world’s wall charts as … Continue reading

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Take a girl like that – 25 years of “Savage”, Eurythmics’ avant garde masterpiece

The third in a series where Pop Lifer tests music, film, television etc by the rules laid down in Lupe Fiasco’s “Superstar”: “Did you improve on the design?/ Did you do something new?”. If the answer to either of those … Continue reading

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A dream of pop – review of “Ummagma” and “Antigravity” by Ummagma

What’s in a name? When it comes to music scenes, a great deal. In the eighties – while the UK charts were dominated by naggingly catchy, gaudy synth pop – British guitar music was quietly giving birth to something very different. … Continue reading

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Nate Silver – The man who turned polls into pop (Picture This#25)

This week Obama may have won the election but only one man has been left standing truly victorious –  Nate Silver.  Polling is not popular.  For those being polled – the people –  polls represent a crude distortion of an individual’s … Continue reading

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