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Hugh Grant: England’s Reluctant National Treasure

England was never, and never will be, Four Weddings and a Funeral. The ruffled charm, the rounded expletives, the unexplained wealth. England is not, and never will be, Paddington 2. The bougie hippy dippy, the cutesy life lessons, the unexplained wealth. England maybe was, … Continue reading

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Born To Defy – 10 beguiling years of Lana Del Rey

Perhaps ironically, the year we launched Pop Lifer was not a great pop year. Occasionally, music seems to get stuck like an old scratched vinyl record, and 2012 was a textbook example. For the first time in pop history, the … Continue reading

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Everybody else is doing it so why can’t we?

30 years on, we finally agree with The Cranberries. 10 years after our first blog, Pop Lifer is jumping on the comeback bandwagon. The two writers are going to share a few thoughts on why – first up Neil. 2021 … Continue reading

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The Man Who Finally Fell to Earth

Yes, it’s been a while hasn’t it? Call this sudden unexpected return our ‘The Next Day’, a tribute to a man without whom Pop Lifer would never have existed. Kate Bush. The Smiths. Madonna. The Sex Pistols. Blondie. Depeche Mode. The … Continue reading

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“In an ideal world I wouldn’t be doing this” – Tom Daley takes the plunge

At this very moment – thanks to the weird wildfire of the web – millions of people across the world are finding out that Tom Daley, the 19 year old British Olympic Diver, is in a relationship with a man. He joins the … Continue reading

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Dr Who isn’t the only national icon capable of regeneration. Russell Brand has flitted between drug addict and campaigner, MTV cult, Daily Mail bette noir, widely praised journalist, Hollywood actor, best-selling author, Mr. Katy Perry, and now, political rabble-rouser. Not … Continue reading

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