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Stilted, ridiculous, predictable, perfect: the genius of Breaking Bad

Pop Lifer, in an almost spoiler free attempt, tries to explain why Breaking Bad is just so good. Pop Lifer has tried to write a blog on Breaking Bad for sometime, and in the last few weeks this effort has … Continue reading

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Can ‘Les Revenants’ pull off the pay-off?

We’ve re-uped in B’more, cooked blue meth in New Mexico, corridor walked in DC and arrested half the population of Copenhagen in a surprisingly flattering woolly jumper. Now, we have mixed feelings for a band of Alpine zombies competing for … Continue reading

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“Now the story of a brilliant comedy who lost its commission and the one streaming service who had no choice but to get them back together. It’s Arrested Development.”

“Now the story of a wealthy family who lost everything and the one son who had no choice but to keep them all together. It’s Arrested Development.” “Arrested Development” is a mythical beast. Like the cult sci-fi series and film, … Continue reading

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Charlie Brooker’s Tweet & Tender Heart: Black Mirror’s “Back To Me”

Charlie Brooker does angry; Charlie Brooker does gruff; Charlie Brooker gives good analogy (‘getting off with Victoria Beckham would be like having sex with a deck chair’). Charlie Brooker can sneer (the great and often overlooked “Nathan Barley” rarely breaks … Continue reading

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From Punk to Monkhouse: How Danny Baker does Danny Baker better than anyone else we know

Autobiographies are for psueds, the self-important or airport newsagents. So, why has Danny Baker, free form broadcaster and official loose cannon, written one? As he himself says “Frankly, I’ve always thought people who ‘bare their souls’ or who reveal any … Continue reading

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US Elections: The Greatest Story A Spreadsheet Ever Told

My mum caught me. “I don’t know why you watch this crap every year,” she muttered as she wandered into the kitchen during an ad break to Taggart, which was on in the front room. I nodded, not in agreement … Continue reading

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