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PSB Winner #4 – Love Etc

No doubt we’ll be returning to the Olympics shortly, but for now it’s back to the Pet Shop Boys and the 4th of 10 blogs devoted to our favourite PSB songs of all time, in no particular order. Each blog has an A side (which made … Continue reading

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The Olympic Opening Ceremony: the best, most expensive in-joke in history

Poplifer is not a fan of most Olympic  opening ceremonies. Think of the trashiest tourist shop at an airport, give it a fascist twist and stadium scale, and away you go – fireworks, flags and kids in militarised lines, a celebration … Continue reading

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PopLifer’s Adventures in Persia

Frank Ocean’s revolutionary message spreads further, with a little nudge from PopLifer…

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Picture This #8 – how Danny Boyle first snatched our attention

Tonight, the stage is Danny Boyle’s. His Olympic opening ceremony will hold the world’s attention with flying sheep, a horde of geese, winged cyclists, an ode to the NHS and a village cricket match. There will be athletes with flags. … Continue reading

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Picture this #7 – The Dirtiest Race

When Ben Johnson smiles children cry. If a 116 year old tradition, based on an ideal which stretches over millennia, has a villain, it is Johnson.  He broods, he scowls –  he is the convenient symbol behind which hundreds of similar … Continue reading

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How to explain sex to children using office stationery

Courtesy of the warped folks at Psychotic Humour. If I had children and attempted this exercise, all I would be able to find for demonstration purposes would be lots of hideously mangled, chewed, leaking biros. Which would be very useful for explaining the sex … Continue reading


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