Picture This #4

Alison Analogue

Alison Goldfrapp – official Pop Lifer hero – in one of the most gorgeous pop images of the last decade.

If you haven’t bought Goldfrapp’s 2012 singles collection yet, you should correct that immediately: as i’ve written elsewhere, it offers a chance to assess their wayward, eclectic career as a whole. It makes one thing absolutely clear: whatever else they were up to, Goldfrapp have always delivered astonishing singles, 14 songs that veer between the perfect and the merely brilliant.

I’ll be banging on about Goldfrapp again soon, no doubt.

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1 Response to Picture This #4

  1. Mark says:

    Goldfrapp are fantastic! And that is a good representation of enigmatic Alison. She’s such a doll.
    Check out my shrine to Goldfrapp here…

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