“I get to be a hero” – Frank Ocean takes centre stage as music’s man of the hour

Over in the states, Frank Ocean has kicked off his first major tour since revealing his first love was a man. As Ocean has wryly noted on Twitter, “And the women still scream in the front row, contrary to what the naysayers may think”. Very, very audible proof of this here, when Ocean takes the stage in LA to perform a stripped-down version of Prince’s wondrous “When You Were Mine”.

Ocean has tweeted on the strange world of touring: “i get to zone out and be someones hero or deviant fantasy or whatever for a hour and some change every night though. that’s special.” And indeed, Ocean has become a hero to thousands across the world – as even the most shallow trawl of the Internet will reveal – but it must be a relief for him to redirect attention to his music after a period of such nerve-wracking personal exposure.

And so we’ll leave him to it for a while, leave him to reap the fruits of his courage, talent and the wonderful “Channel Orange” album.

Our blog on how Ocean challenged hip hop (and dragged 50 Cent into the 21st century) here. Part 2 on how his stylish, voluntary “coming out” will save gay teen lives here. And part 3 on the love letter that changed the world here. His first album, free and legal, here.

Frank Ocean, Pop Lifer salutes you; we’ll be with the women screaming in the front row at London.

By Neil


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