Pet Shop Boys. Eventually.

Hello PopLifer readers. For those of you who actually want to read us banging on about the Pet Shop Boys again – apologies, we are taking a short break in our rundown of their 10 best ever. Probably a day or two. Writing about 14 Pet Shop Boys songs at length has sent us into such a spiral of over-excitement that on doctor’s orders we are taking a break. We are on a strict musical diet of Travis and kd lang until our blood pressure drops to a safe level again. In the meantime, if you want to have your say on what should be in the final three then comment or email us at and if you say something lovely or clever we will include it.


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2 Responses to Pet Shop Boys. Eventually.

  1. connie lingus says:

    Got to be Friendly Fire, It Couldn’t Happen Here, Paninaro and Can You Forgive Her For Me

    • PopLifer says:

      Connie (we see what you did there) email us a few words on why you’ve chosen Paninaro and we may well find use for them on the blog, credited naturally. Oh and scoot through our archives and you’ll find Can You Forgive Her was number 1!

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