Oscar Wilde on Twitter

The case against Twitter. 99% of Tweets are dull, witless crap. It’s full of poisonous bile, rampant egomania and hate. It helps drive the most moronic aspects of our celebrity culture. It’s the enemy of substantial thought. It’s impossible to say anything sophisticated in 140 characters. If Oscar Wilde had been on Twitter all those perfectly phrased aphorisms would have been lost within 4 hours as everyone rushed away to look at a picture of Mitt Romney pulling a face like he is having a shit during a speech. Etc Etc.

The case for Twitter: yesterday we sniped about a sycophantic Guardian article on Rupert Everett which made the claim “Rupert Everett must be the closest approximation we’re ever likely to see of a 21st-century Oscar Wilde”. If so, this century really is in dire trouble. But just when we were feeling depressed we got this from @louilou001:

And everything was amazing again.

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