“There’ll be no holding me back” – Frankmusik on his plans to shake up 2013 (interview preview)

Vincent Turner AKA Frankmusik, at Studio South London, Dec 2012. Photograph by Jaime Gill. Vinyl collection by Vince.

Vincent Turner AKA Frankmusik, at Studio South London, Dec 2012. Picture: Jaime Gill. Vinyl collection: Vince.

2012 ended with a bang at Pop Lifer Towers, thanks to one of our very favourite pop stars, Frankmusik (aka Vincent Turner). We’ve been a bit obsessed with Frankmusik since his fizzy, frequently fantastic debut, “Complete Me”, caused a stir back in 2009. Since then, Vince has been based in LA (more on that later), so we were thrilled when we learnt he was back home for Christmas to play a couple of shows and plot his third album. We were even more delighted when he gave us the chance to “sort out a quick interview” while he’s in town.

That quick interview turned into a marathon conversation at his London HQ, home and studio in Croydon, followed by a fruitful photoshoot (a couple of sneak previews above and below, though we didn’t manage to persuade him to get naked for this one, sorry fans). We got an exclusive listen to some of the new record (absolutely dementedly brilliant, from what we’ve heard – nobody else is doing music like this, though in five years time everybody might be) and a fascinating insight into Vince’s creative process.

Vincent – it’s fair to say – can talk. Luckily for us, what he said was remarkably candid, open, thoughtful and interesting. We’re going to run the first part of an interview on New Year’s Day, when we’ll take a brief tour of Vincent’s many past lives and some of his regrets (yes, unlike Edith Piaf, he has some) then focus on his plans for 2013, what he brings to the pop party which nobody else can and why his third album is going to knock your new Christmas socks off.

So if you want to find out all of the above – not to mention why Vincent hates the Olympics, which pop star his Dad is obsessed with and what music is currently shaping Frankmusik’s world – tune in on January 1st 2013.

In the meantime go and listen to Captain, Frankmusik’s new demo, and our late entry for most addictive, exciting pop song of 2012. Oh, and if you want to catch his last London show for a little while, keep January 7th in your diary.

Wanted: piano player. Must like electro, Electric Light Orchestra and J-pop. Croydon/LA commute may be required. Photograph: Jaime Gill


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