Pop Lifer Towers experiencing Twitter difficulties

Hi there – for new visitors who have come here and would like to follow us on twitter but can’t – we apologise. There seems to be a problem with our twitter account which we are trying to resolve as fast as we can. We’re more frustrated than you we can assure you, and trying to work out what went wrong (it may well be our fault, we’re new to this twitter lark).

Do feel free to leave your twitter profile names in our comments section below and as soon as we’re up and running (fingers crossed) we’ll let you know so you can join our club. Who knows, if you leave your profile name then maybe some other people will follow you too. If you prefer to keep it private you can email us at popliferblog@gmail.com with your profile name or you can ask to be a Facebook friend (there’s a link over there on the right). We’ll follow you, obviously. Unless you’re Olly Murs. You’re banned Olly, we aren’t going through this again.

In the meantime browse and enjoy our rantings, ravings and reviews on Blur, Pussy Riot, Frank Ocean, Olympics, Pet Shop Boys, Tony Scott, Donnie Darko, other cult classics and more more more (how do you like it?).

Things will go a bit quiet on blog til we have all this sorted.

It would have to happen on our bloody one month birthday, wouldn’t it…


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