So drink, drink, drink and be ill tonight – happy birthday to Pop Lifer!

So yesterday was exactly a month since we first launched Pop Lifer on an unsuspecting and largely uninterested public. We were planning on doing a brief little self congratulatory post yesterday, but in the end we spent the day fighting off evil Twitter robots (we won! it’s like the end of Terminator here at Pop Lifer Towers, all smashed metal and bloodied humans) so it was a bit of an unhappy birthday (which is more than enough excuse to feature the above song, Morrissey at his pettiest, most absurd and hilarious).

Anyway, all is fixed and we are getting ready to launch our latest blurblog so just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who has been reading this and following us on Twitter and Facebook. There are apparently thousands of you, in 74 countries, which reflects the vast universal appeal of the Olympics and Tricky, obviously – hello Rwanda and Bahrain by the way. Special thanks to those who have spread the word by retweeting or sharing, and those who have actually bothered to comment (that includes you DJ Vulture – thanks for the frothing vitriol, it made us feel we’d finally arrived in cyberspace).

We said in our introduction that we’d let you know when we knew what we were doing. Well, you’ve got some waiting still, but we do know we’re enjoying it and will keep plugging away with our positive take on pop culture, our raves, our rants and our odd little thoughts. Cheers! Keep reading! Tell all your friends! (ALL of them).


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1 Response to So drink, drink, drink and be ill tonight – happy birthday to Pop Lifer!

  1. Happy birthday you three – you 2 blokes plus the blog = 3 🙂

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