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Ideology Bites – How Obama vs Romney is actually Martin Sheen vs Jimmy Stewart

Contrary to popular belief, this years’s US Presidential Election is not between President Obama and Mitt Romney. No, it is actually between Jimmy Stewart and Martin Sheen. Here’s why. Its Obama vs Romney. Should you choose, your next month could … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Gwyneth Paltrow – Picture This #20

Gwyneth Paltrow turns 40 today. This is Pop Lifer’s gift. It is easy to let Gywneth Paltrow’s health shop aroma get in the way. She is vegan. She is wholesome. She likes the odd Guinness. Apparently she doesn’t like London … Continue reading

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Tony Scott, director of Top Gun and True Romance, dies – Picture This #17

News is coming in that Tony Scott, director of blockbuster films from Top Gun through to Man On Fire, has died aged 68. The cause of death is apparently suicide, which makes the news particularly sad, and reminds us that depression … Continue reading

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Darkly Dreaming Donnie – Picture This #17, Donnie Darko

We often presume artists know what they are doing, that when we find a perfect pop song, a great album, an enthralling TV series or a captivating film that the person who created it must have either given birth to … Continue reading

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Billy Liar, a train ticket to the sixties – Picture this #15

No one is entirely sure when the 60’s started. Famously, not even those who were there. The publication of Lady Chatterley in 1960; Ursula Andress in her bikini in 62; the Beatles’ She Loves You becoming the first of their many … Continue reading

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Picture This #10 – Mulholland Drive

Of the many, many remarkable things about David Lynch’s masterpiece, “Mulholland Drive”, its sheer visual gorgeousness stands out. You could freeze almost any moment in the film and the image captured would be beautiful enough to turn into a poster. That’s … Continue reading

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