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The London Underground at 150 – a slightly jaded celebration of the Tube in pop music

The London Underground is 150 years old today. For tens of millions of people across the UK and abroad the tube is a living symbol of the vitality and scale of London. It can be evoked instantly in the gorgeous … Continue reading

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Special Frankmusik London show this Sunday (6th Jan) – come along and toast 2013 with some fizzy champagne pop

Yes, we know Pop Lifer has gone a bit Frankmusik-crazed of late (it’s even worse inside our heads) but when we get excited about something we get very very excited. Besides, we wanted to spread the word on the last show … Continue reading

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“You can’t stop me unless you cut off my hands, and then I’ll play piano with my feet” – Frankmusik’s New Year Resolve

“I work better with some dysfunction and adversity to go up against,” explains Vincent Turner (better known as Frankmusik) intensely, talking to himself as much as to us. He’s actually remembering the making of his first album – “Complete Me,” his … Continue reading

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“There’ll be no holding me back” – Frankmusik on his plans to shake up 2013 (interview preview)

2012 ended with a bang at Pop Lifer Towers, thanks to one of our very favourite pop stars, Frankmusik (aka Vincent Turner). We’ve been a bit obsessed with Frankmusik since his fizzy, frequently fantastic debut, “Complete Me”, caused a stir back … Continue reading

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Our Xmas present to you – free download of Frank Ocean’s debut album “Nostalgia Ultra” (yes, it’s late, but so are you)

Reposting this from 5 months ago, as a late Christmas present. We’ve noticed a big increase in the number of people visiting this page – presumably as a result of Frank Ocean’s second album, “Channel Orange”, deservedy winning just about every … Continue reading

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Advent Calendar Day 24: our PJ Harvey Award for album of 2013

And it looks like we might have made it, yes it looks like we have made it to the end – of our pop culture advent calendar. For those of you who have joined us on this from day 1, … Continue reading

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