The really important Olympic contest – which countries flags are best?

During our Olympic adventures, Pop Lifer admitted we are easily stirred by a line of flags in the wind, the perfect visual symbol of all the world being in one place at one time. Like the games themselves, the fluttering flags assert each country’s own identity, while also reflecting the setting aside of petty nationalism in a great international endeavour.

But, also like the games, other more base instincts soon creep in. Yes, the collective good is all well and good. Yes, taking part is great. But, sod the collective United Nations hopey-changey thing, lets get competitive about this: what are the best flags?

And who better to answer this question than children, who are hopefully less likely to judge the flags based on cultural prejudice? That’s why, following their unforgettable time at the Olympics, Chris asked his two children (aged 9 and 6) for their ten favourites. Yes, flags may come with loaded with symbolism, political implications, and historical connotations, but they can be pretty too. So roll up and enjoy Pop Lifer Next Generation’s Flag Top 10, a celebration of nations great and small as expressed through a neat patterned rectangle.

Belarus: ‘We like the embroidery on the left.’

Kazakhstan: ‘The sun and the bird are lovely.’

Jamaica: ‘It’s cool.'(We think they may have projected the fastest man in the world on to the flag)

South Africa: ‘No other flag has colours like it.’

Hong Kong: ‘It has this white flower’.

Zambia: ‘It has this beautiful orange humming bird.’ (Humming bird?)

Bahamas: ‘It has all my favourite colours and is beautiful.’

Cyprus: ‘It has their own island on it.’

Albania: ‘The black swirly thing in the middle’ (For swirly thing, read ‘mythical two headed bird of prey’)

And the winner is…

USA: ‘They’re top of the medal table.’

So there we have it. The USA wins. Again. We’re changing the rules next time.


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4 Responses to The really important Olympic contest – which countries flags are best?

  1. Shayne L. says:

    You forgot Brazil. They have the loveliest flag in the world (and I’m Canadian). Sweden follows a distant second, only because it reminds me of Ikea.

  2. I’m all for South Africa, Hong Kong and Albania (I have a scarf in the Albanian flag motif)

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