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So drink, drink, drink and be ill tonight – happy birthday to Pop Lifer!

So yesterday was exactly a month since we first launched Pop Lifer on an unsuspecting and largely uninterested public. We were planning on doing a brief little self congratulatory post yesterday, but in the end we spent the day fighting … Continue reading

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Pop Lifer Towers experiencing Twitter difficulties

Hi there – for new visitors who have come here and would like to follow us on twitter but can’t – we apologise. There seems to be a problem with our twitter account which we are trying to resolve as … Continue reading

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Tony Scott, director of Top Gun and True Romance, dies – Picture This #17

News is coming in that Tony Scott, director of blockbuster films from Top Gun through to Man On Fire, has died aged 68. The cause of death is apparently suicide, which makes the news particularly sad, and reminds us that depression … Continue reading

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Happy 31st Birthday, Pet Shop Boys

31 years ago today a magazine editor from Newcastle called Neil Tennant and a trained architect called Chris Lowe met by chance in a shop on the King’s Road in London. It was not a pet shop. Within 5 years … Continue reading

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Pussy Riot’s laughter in the face of Putin – Picture This #16

For those of you who haven’t been following the news, three members of Moscow’s feminist punk band Pussy Riot – pictured above – were today jailed for 2 years for “hooliganism”, following their performance of an anti Vladimir Putin song … Continue reading

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Darkly Dreaming Donnie – Picture This #17, Donnie Darko

We often presume artists know what they are doing, that when we find a perfect pop song, a great album, an enthralling TV series or a captivating film that the person who created it must have either given birth to … Continue reading

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