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All the people, so many people – blurblog 3, from Parklife triumph to dreams of Escape

Third of 3 blogs charting Britain’s on/off love affair with Blur. Part 1, the introduction, here. Part 2, covering the troubled early years, here. Now onto the imperial phase. To coincide with Blur’s performance at Hyde Park on Sunday, ITV … Continue reading

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Sometimes I wonder if I’m here – blurblog 2, leisure time to modern life

blurblog 2, second in our series on the long and tempestuous love affair between Britain and Blur. For blurblog 1 – go here. Writing this in 2012,  it’s astonishing to think how close Blur came to being a minor footnote in pop history, just … Continue reading

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Britain and Blur – falling in and out of love for 20 years

‘There are blue skies in my city today’ 12 August 2012. An extraordinary fortnight of success and spectacle is drawing to a close. In the Olympic Village, the nation is showing its remarkable ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of … Continue reading

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The 2012 Olympic Closing Ceremony – how to burst a bubble

Pop Lifer is on record as loving the left field opening ceremony in all its energy and eccentricity, particularly enjoying the moments when it celebrated British pop. The games themselves were just as thrilling, leaving us with indelible personal memories and images … Continue reading

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We have a dream: our fantasy Olympic closing ceremony

Kate Bush, The Pet Shop Boys, Annie Lennox, Plan B, Massive Attack, Morrissey, Macca, Bowie, Blur, Dizzee, Calvin, Prodigy, Spice Girls, Depeche Mode, Goldfrapp, Ray Davies and The Stones. Our fantasy closing ceremony line up. We have a dream. Anyone who … Continue reading

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The really important Olympic contest – which countries flags are best?

During our Olympic adventures, Pop Lifer admitted we are easily stirred by a line of flags in the wind, the perfect visual symbol of all the world being in one place at one time. Like the games themselves, the fluttering … Continue reading

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